To change your life, you first have to change yourself.

The idea that you can achieve great things before first becoming a great person is just absurd. And it’s so obviously simple in it’s logic that I think most people, if they spend a few extra seconds to think, realise just that. Or they already know, but they’ve suppressed the truth in order to deal with their own resentment of themselves for not doing anything about it. And to live a life of resentment of yourself for not becoming the person you know you want to become, is even more absurd.

I don’t blame people for thinking this way. In fact, a great majority of people live their lives just like that. They choose mediocrity, false security and comfort, instead of the discomfort and obvious insecurity that comes from taking the hard road. When truth is, we are all going to be dead in the end. Nobody is going to remember you. Nobody is going to care about the small, insignificant decisions that might have lead to a failure, once you are gone. It’s just you, thinking that people will judge you, that they will care.

When in the end, they are just as busy thinking that you care about their mistakes, their mishaps, their apparent failure. We’re all so caught up in the idea that everyone else cares, so much so that we don’t realise we are all stuck in the same unrealistic nightmare of obsession. Obsession about the wrong thing. About other people. Not about ourselves. Not about the tiny sliver of reality that get to have in this universe. But about what people think about that little reality. Our reality. So stop it.

Realise that your life is YOUR life, nobody else’s. It’s your tiny piece of opportunity to do something that YOU believe is good. That you think can improve your life, other peoples lives. That you think simply would be incredibly cool and awesome. Or simply just fun. Why you want to do it doesn’t matter, what matters is that you do it. That you become the person you have to be in order to do the things you want to do.

If you want to lift the weight in the gym, then go to the gym, eat properly and get enough sleep. If you want to build a business, learn the basics, find a problem to solve and solve it with the skills you have, and keep trying until you find something that sticks. If you want to have enough money to be financially free, then study the fundamentals of economics, how to budget and invest your money well, learn to manage money.

Change is not comfortable. Life, is not comfortable. It’s painful, scary, unfair and a lot of times lonely. You can use drugs, porn and video games to numb yourself to that reality. Or you can choose to live a life where that fact doesn’t bother you anymore, because you’ve built yourself up so mentally and physically strong that the real world doesn’t scare you anymore. Now you are the scary one, because you can do and be whatever you want to be.